Instant Loyalty Points at Point of Sale

STYL’s REMORA device has been selected for use in CAPITAMALLS to enhance the shopping experience of customers. It enables quick and easy on-the-spot loyalty points awarding, hassle free. This complements their existing receipt scanning kiosks to create a foolproof infrastructure for all customers who spend at their malls.

Based on the SWORDFISH platform, REMORA is a device created to be versatile: not intrusive to existing point-of-sales setup and easy to setup without intruding into the daily operation of merchants.

To complete the solution, STYL created a backend module within OCEAN with the appropriate adapter plugins to our customer’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. OCEAN backend manages the entire fleet of installed REMORA devices, telling its support staff the live status as well as allowing over-the-air update of individual, selected or all devices as required.