RetailTech 2015 Tokyo, Japan

STYL exhibited their latest solutions for innovative NFC payments system at their partner booth. Their customer showcased the TC63MSE031 (affectionately called “MARLIN” within STYL) in various applications such as payment for mechanical “Gashapon” machines that are hugely popular Japan as well as payment for Laundromat services.

The contactless payment device represents a huge cost savings for self-service devices in Japan with the reduction of cost in manually handling coins as well as allowing them to extend the good and services tax to the consumers easily by simply changing the settings on the TC63MSE031 device. This is not possible with coins operated systems at the moment.

Also showcased was a live demonstration of STYL’s implementation of a compact sized media-capable kiosk for various self-service applications for NETS (Network for Electronics Transfers), a Singapore corporation centered on payments using contact and contactless cards. NETS have over 90,000 terminal points in Singapore and growing. The D2 Mini (as its called) will allow users of contact and contactless E-Money cards easy top-up as well as other payment services all over Singapore.

The extensive product line-up of contactless card readers for Japan were shown as static displays. Products such the TC63CUT021, TR33MUE014 and the TR33MUE013 are continually being utilized our customer to acquire more and more merchants in Japan to embrace their innovative thin-client-based contactless payment system.