Contactless Payment support on Vending Machines Roll-Out

F&N has begun to roll-out contactless payment modules from NETS (Network for Electronics Transfers) to upgrade their existing Vending Machine infrastructure to accept contactless payment using NETS Flashpay cards. NETS Flashpay cards are used in Singapore for transit as well as payment at merchants.

The Vending Machine module STVM-1001 is design and manufactured by STYL and is built upon their in-house Swordfish Platform. Using this platform, payment is only one of its many features. Moving forward, the module will also support remote inventory management, device health as well as online capabilities that can help in Singapore’s drive towards improving efficiency and productivity. This will also help to address the ‘manpower crunch’ issue for customers as their self-service devices can be monitored remotely.

The STVM-1001 with NETS Flashpay contactless payment support is available from NETS and supports the 2 prevailing vending systems in Singapore that utilizes the MDB and VCCS protocols. Other protocols are also supported.