SAILFISH platform targets media-rich applications and is designed with modularity in mind. The quad-cortex A9 platform is industrial rated and is able to power high quality displays as well as audio systems. The base system runs on embedded Linux but is also well equipped to run Android or Ubuntu.

Key features

  • Industrial grade Cortex A9 (single to quad-core options) processor running embedded Linux
  • Supports WiFi (2.4/5G 802.11abgn), 3G and Bluetooth
  • Integrated 4GB flash storage and 1GB DDR3 RAM
  • High speed interface
  • IO Board : USB interface, ethernet, HDMI, Audio jack (output)
  • NFC Board : Supports NFC standards (ICODE, FELICA, MIFARE etc.)
  • NFC Board : 4 x SAM slots for offline e-money payment authentication


SWORDFISH has now roll-out into the Singapore market, together with partners F&N and NETS. In addition the SWORDFISH is also used to power NETS self-service kiosks deployed all over the island nation.