Full-featured Platform for Vending and Self-Service / Unattended payment acceptance.

Pacific i-VMS (Intelligent Vending Management System) empowers operators to efficiently operate their business through remote monitoring, alerts, sales analysis of all their deployed self-service / vending hardware in the field.

Our SWORDFISH series of Payment IoT devices complements the system perfectly through its diverse payment acceptance abilities and sensory compatibility (for monitoring).

PACKAGE Includes

Pacific i-VMS

License will allow access and use of Pacific i-VMS web portal. Package may differ, according to the number of devices supported and the (optional) usage of member / wallet system.

Swordfish 2 Mini

Rental or Purchase model available. Device accepts Contactless, QR and Bluetooth payments. Device fits seamlessly with market available note acceptance modules in vending machines.

Swordfish 2

Rental or Purchase model available. Device accepts Contactless (Scheme-Ready), QR and Bluetooth payments.