Self Service Solutions

Developed and developing nations are constantly reminded by their labour situation. Just because a nation has humans in numbers does not mean that it has the right people for the right job. In many cases, the improvement in job opportunities and living standards have rendered most service oriented jobs unpalatable to the general public.

STYL strives to address this situation by filling the gap with state of the art technology. We have created a flexible and relatively space saving kiosk system that can be used to replace such service jobs. The device is wholly designed in Singapore, including the architecture and technology platform used to power the kiosk applications.

Build around Linux OS (open source and mostly FREE), and with SDK provided, users can easily customize applications to suit their needs. STYL also offer application creation services that can extend to even the serer portion if required.


NETS and STYL has worked together to deliver 2 versions self-service kiosk to serve the general public in Singapore. These kiosks were built to be compact, aesthetically pleasing with the main purpose of offerring innovative self-service oriented applications that will surpass whats currently expected of such a kiosk. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of kiosk applications beyond the state-of-art.

To date as of April of 2015, over 30 kiosks have been delivered, offerring services as varied as topping up of a transit fare card to food ordering within a hawker center environment. STYL believes in the implementation of a cashless system in Singapore that will be widely accepted.