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"Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet."

– Douglas Adams

...and that is why at STYL we do not use the term loosely. We aim to make technology WORK FOR YOU and not just a placeholder in some loosely written marketing text.
Explore with us today on how STYL can enable media-rich payment systems with our comprehensive platform solutions and knowledge in the contactless payment arena.

Launch ready solutions

Our payment card reader platforms and back-end data mangement services are launch ready and is highly scalable to suit your business needs.

Great Hardware

Our diverse hardware offerring from Linux-based multimedia behemoths to the humble NFC contactless card reader are all built for easy integration into any front-end payment system.

Software solutions

Mobile applications and Web-based application; We are on of the few out there who have actually rolled out mobile applications that make use of NFC technology.

Product Portfolio

Real World Projects

Japan Contactless

Together with our customer and their innovative thin-client payment server, STYL reader products are found at many merchant counters all over Japan for contactless payment.

Contactless Vending

Roll-out of contactless payment vending machines together with NETS and F&N provides an entirely new avenue for people to pay for their drinks.

Self-Service Kiosk

Our compact yet powerful kiosk system will handle various daily needs of Singaporeans; from booking of public facilities to payment of bills.

Retail Loyalty

Partnering with a major shopping mall management corporation, we were able to enhance the overall user retail experience.

We are STYL

Formed in 2008, STYL has grown from a 3-strong startup into a 30-man operation today spanning Singapore, Vietnam with representatives in Australia and Japan. We believe in moulding technology to the needs of our customers, not force-feeding them with typical products. We add value!

  • System solutions provider for NFC front-end and back-end systems
  • Hardware/Firmware level design or customization
  • Mobile and Web applications
  • High quality manufacturing services

The STYL Innovation and Development team has a highly successful track record of supporting South East Asian and Japanese customers. We have successfully co-developed products with key consumer and industrial electronics customers. Our expertise are in wireless technologies NFC, Wifi, Bluetooth , LTE/3G/GPRS and GPS.