Solution: Agri-tech & Sustainability
Tree Tilt Sensor IoT System
Safeguarding public spaces, one tree at a time
A one-of-a-kind tree-mounted device that combines IoT and Sensor Technologies for wireless tree-tilt monitoring.
With trees maturing and ageing in urban cities, being able to monitor and pre-empt signs of imminent tree fall is increasingly invaluable as it might pose severe consequences to properties and safety in its vicinity.
Our wireless and weatherproof IoT tree tilt sensor product and system are solely designed and developed in Singapore.
No installation of an access point, router or gateway is required.

(Based on the use of NB-IoT communication)

The Leading Safety Sensor for Trees
How It Works
  • Our outdoor sensor is battery powered and suitable for wide-area deployment by using Lower Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) communication technology.
  • Tree tilt is measured constantly and transmitted wirelessly to our cloud-based server.
  • When a tilt reading exceeds the specified threshold, our system triggers an alert to the user via email or SMS.
  • Modifiable parameters are updated over the air to the sensors.
Sensor Features
  • Accelerometer for precision movement sensing
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Weatherproof IP67 sensor design
  • Mounting designed for speedy & secure attachment to tree while accommodating tree growth
  • Battery powered – useful life is subjected to data transmission frequency
  • Designed with 2 colours, brown and grey to blend into the horticulture environment
Web Portal
Overall geographical view of sensor deployment
Easy zoom-in to particular tree, its information & cumulative tilt trend over time
Monitor and analyse historical data and trends with easily adjustable time span
Possible remote configuration of sensor parameters for OTA downlink transmission to the sensors
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